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Pain Between Shoulder Blades – Looking for a solution

I started to search online for help on my situation I just did not know what to anymore, everything I tried didn’t seem to work and I just had to get my life back on track. I was determined to put this to an end. Desperation is a good word for it. I was desperate to find a solution that was going to end the shoulder blade pain and everything else back pain related that was an obstacle.

Medication didn’t seem to work for me, I tried a lot of painkillers etc etc. I tried Chiropraxy which turned out to do more harm and cause more pain than any good.

It didn’t take me long to find more people suffering from pain between shoulder blades. Some people recommended me to take a look at this product at first I was skeptical, of course I had tried so many things in order to get rid of my pain between shoulder blades that I wasn’t so sure if this was really going to help me out. They claimed it really helped them, at this time I was really desperate so I thought why not give it a shot.

This is a guide written by Roy Palmer a man who has been effectively treating back problems for over 12 years.

He explains where the pain between shoulder blades comes from and how to actually treat it yourself. He explained me that the medication and everything else I took and underwent only treated the symptoms. Not actually dealing with the REAL cause of the pain.

I was baffled I did not expect this at all, his method for reconditioning your body does not need any expensive equipment or treatments. They are just some simple exercises that can be done in a mere seven seconds. The more often you apply these techniques the faster you will notice the results.

I started doing my exercises daily and within two days my condition significantly improved. It was the first time in years I actually had a good night’s sleep again. This was amazing. It motivated me to go on with this program.

Although Roy claims you can be pain free within 2 weeks , I continued to do exercises for a month just to make sure I was relieved from every bit of pain I ever had. After 2 weeks I was able to resume the things that I thought were history. I picked up my sporting activities again actually able to give it my all without pain holding me back. I could endure long days at the office once again. My youth came back to me I felt like I was reborn full of energy, something which I did not have anymore. My life was finally getting back on track, my relationship got even better. I could go shopping again not having to embarrass myself again for not being able to lift heavy bags.