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No Fatties Allowed?

Doing a post-holiday cleanse? You’re not the only one — the online dating site BeatifulPeople.com is doing some new-year cleaning too, by ridding themselves of thousands of members who they feel have gained too much weight over the Christmas season. In all, 5,000 members have been banned — including 533 Canadians — for letting themselves go.

The mass exodus came after members registered complaints about photos not being an accurate representation of the person’s real size. “We were getting a lot of complaints from members who were meeting with people who gained a lot of weight, or who gained weight in their photo albums,” said managing director Greg Hodge. And anyway, the self-proclaimed “largest network of attractive people in the world” has a reputation to uphold: “Letting fatties roam the site is a direct threat to our business model and the very concept for which BeautifulPeople.com was founded,” site founder Robert Hintze told the BBC.

BeautifulPeople.com boasts about 500,000 members from around the world and potential members are subject to a strict and rigorous evaluation process based, of course, on looks. They’re only allowed access to the site if fellow members vote them in.

But it’s not all bad news — former members are welcome to re-apply for the site once they’ve worked off those extra pounds. But whether they’ll want to re-join a dating site that kicked them off for too much eggnog is another story altogether…