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Jealous of a Healthy Lifestyle?

I have to work really hard with watching what I eat and exercising because I had weight problems in my past. I have friends who are at both extremes of the weight scale from underweight to morbidly obese and plenty, like myself, at a healthy weight. I’ve never had anyone make a snide remark about my choice to avoid excess sugar and empty carbs or to take time out for exercise. The ONLY times I’ve seen someone overweight make remarks to someone of healthy or underweight has been because they’ve gotten defensive, because the thinner person is being passive agressive and fishing for compliments and attention. For example, four of my good friends try to get together with me once every few weeks for dinner out – I’m a healthy weight with obesity issues in my past, one friend is a healthy weight who’s never had weight problems, two friends are overweight and struggling to lose weight, and one is slightly underweight, never had a true weight problem but is OBSESSED with working out and dieting. My overweight friends and the other healthy weight friend tend to use the dinner as a time to indulge on a rich meal a few cocktails and dessert – I know myself well enough to know that an indulgence like that would send me into a downward spiral of overeating, so I try to order a sensible meal and only eat half of it. Our underweight and obsessed friend makes sure she orders last so she can order something significantly lower in calories and then spends the ENTIRE dinner barely nibbling on her food while making comments like, “I don’t know how you can all eat that much!” with faux innocence. She’s NOT fun and she clearly DOESN’T enjoy life, and after a while people start saying so. But no one gives me a hard time for my choices. Sure people may be jealous of someone who has achieved a healthy lifestyle when they can’t, but I seriously don’t believe that they express it unless provoked. Turning up your nose at a piece of cake at the office may seem like an innocent tactic for you to talk yourself into keeping your diet, but people who are choosing to indulge in the cake will see your comments as an attack on their lifestyle and respond by attacking yours. If you just said, “Oh, no thanks, I don’t feel like having any cake,” I have a hard time believing that people would pressure you to eat it or tell you that you don’t enjoy life.

Beloved I AM – I understand where you’re coming from though; the Atkins Diet has been crucified by the media and a lot of people don’t understand what it truly entails and think it’s unhealthy and dangerous, so people do tend to comment on that one!