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Is Your Birth Control as Safe as You Think?

Eh, the tone of this article is a bit scare-tactic-y. Important information, no doubt, but hormonal birth control methods come with a clot risk. Know the medicines you’re taking. Research their effects. These kinds of risks are why I went off hormonal birth control.

It’s really a double edged sword… run the risk of having more children than you can carry… or blood clots and stroke…

I personally have been on the patch ever since the depo shot… I like the patch and haven’t had any problems with it (outside of the lesser known side effect of hair loss)… and I really really suck at taking a pill every day at the same time.

There are risks will all birth control. It is a medication, and medications come with side affects and health problems. Too many people are not paying attention to what they are putting in their body, not listening to their doctors and pharmacist, not reading warning lables, and not looking up information. Not too long ago, I heard people could sue the makers of Paxil because their kids have heart defects from their mom’s taking it while pregnant. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE IT WHILE PREGNANT! People, pay attention.

I knew that any birth control wasn’t going to be safe, but in the meantime I take it or I’m out of commission for a week when I’ve got my period. I personally find that the newest generation is the safest for me, the second generation “safe” hormones make me horrifically suicidal. Yaz was my miracle pill for 2 years, made my periods pain-free, short, light, cleared up my problematic cystic acne, drastically reduced my anxiety, and generally improved my mood month long, but my doctor won’t prescribe it anymore. I’m on Nuva Ring now and while it is convenient, it’s not nearly as effective as Yaz was for me.