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Is Yoga or Running a Better Workout?

Have you found a good workout that tackles two or three of these goals?

It is important to incorporate cardio and weights into your workout routine as a part of overall health. It gets so tiresome when people keep with this belief, that there is only one way to exercise. Especially when study tells us the best workout plan, eating plan, philosophy of life is variety.

As far as the percieved negativity, take it with a grain of salt. There are people out there doing more harm then good for themselves, becuase no one was honest with them and told them what they needed to do to get in shape. And they don’t realize it until too late. If you want to sit and eat McD’s fine your an adult, it’s you choice. But if you want to get in shape you have to abide by the science behind it.

I’m not slamming anyone particular on this but yes it can be disheartening, but sometimes the truth hurts.

It’s important to note that your body needs aerobics, flexibility and strength to stay injury-free, have good health, be strong and be in shape. Flexibility and strength training make you a faster, stronger, more relaxed runner, for example. There are specific benefits to each that work together to give you the health and body you want.

Different types of yoga should be done for a well rounded regimen. Some are more cardio based than others, while others are more flexibility based. As far as the negativity goes, sorry Rowdygirl…just trying to be humorous…no offense meant.

When I said it was “kind of negative” I was referring to the tone of the all or nothing attitude. I agree with cardio and weights being necessary for total fitness. But if someone is just starting out, or even coming back into a fitness routine, it can be discouraging to read something like this”

“This means that you need to exert yourself enough so that your heart rate, while exercising, is 65% to 85% of your Maximum Heart Rate . If you don’t get your heart rate up within this level…’you just ain’t working hard enough’. I don’t care what you do.”