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Is the buzz gone from your morning coffee?

Have you built up this kind of tolerance to caffeine? How many cups of coffee or tea (or cans of Red Bull or Diet Coke) does it take for you to really feel the buzz?

I don’t drink hot coffee or hot tea in the morning. It gives me the warm tummy feeling that puts me right to sleep. I drink cold chocolate milk with a spoon of instant coffee. That wakes me up. Also the act of making it wakes me up too.

Mine has nothing to do with caffeine….there have been plenty of days when I have gone without coffee or soda..and I’m a habitual drinker of both :) mine mainly has to do with coffee itself. I love it! love the taste..its relaxing..to me there is nothing more relaxing than waking up about an hour …or 2 before everyone else in the house, pouring myself a cup of coffee and sitting out on my patio with a magazine until the kiddies wake up :) tea works to, and if its winter, then sometimes hot chocolate :) but at some point in the day I usually have a cup or two of coffee and a soda…but I can also go without either, like I said, the caffeine doesn’t seem to be my problem at all…I just like coffee :)

I think that any street-level addict could have told you this. Most alcoholoics say that they need to drink first thing in the morning just to feel like themselves, just to function … caffeine is no different from any other addiction.

And I say this as the proud drinker of 3-4 cups with breakfast, and plenty of Diet Dr Pepper throughout the day.