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Intermittent Feast – The Two Punch Combo To Fat Loss

Anyone who has added pounds like crazy understands just how difficult it is to shed them. It isn’t all about dieting, exercising and healthy living. Many actually eat less, are more active in their life and have absolutely no vices and yet they tend to gain weight quickly.

So naturally, the usual techniques won’t work. Intermittent Feast is a simple two punch combo strategy that includes a lot of scientific phenomena and research into your diet plan to get you naturally burning fat every second of the day without actually having to starve yourself.

Why Use It?

Intermittent Feast isn’t a drug, pill or exercise technique, and maybe some people will confuse it to intermittent fasting which is another diet plan for weight loss. It is a multimedia program combining together a PDF with video instructions that aims at helping you live healthy while fast tracking your fat burning sessions throughout the day.

Developed by Nate Miyaki, it offers everything at once to help get you started.

The Key Features

Scientific Feast Plans – The e-book offers a unique hybrid approach to dieting incorporating various nutritional philosophies. From Sports nutrition ideas to Paleo Diets, you get to learn scientific techniques as well as their drawbacks. You also get to understand why food choices matter and formulate a long-term sustainability plan.

Sports Nutrition – Understand the difference between energy nutrients and structural nutrients, get an idea of carbs and how to use it for fuel plus learn about non-ketogenic and ketogenic diets.

Hormone Optimization – Hormones are ultimately in control of the body and food choices affect hormonal balance. Learn how to optimize your hormone makeup of the body in order to lose weight.

Food Choices – Make the right food choices, what to eat and what not to with the included shopping lists and food charts.

Diet Regimes – Get the details of diet regimes from the interactive videos that describe the idea of controlling hormones, fat loss and more. It takes an in-depth view of cellular factors too using anabolic activities at night, nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity.

Measure Your Progress – Not only do you get a comprehensive diet regime but also the ability to monitor your progress based on how much you eat and what you eat. In the video a section talks about target calorie intake, recommendations for higher activity levels and more.

Diet Templates – Every individual has a unique starting point and so there are various diet templates available. Some are for weekend warriors, others for people with limited free days and yet more for daily dieting and muscle gain.

The Benefits Of Intermittent Feast

  • Nate, the proprietor of this program is a regular contributor to popular fitness sites such as Mens Health, Bodybuilding.com and LIVESTRONG.
  • All instructors are NCE, ISSA certified.
  • 60-day money back guarantee ensures that in the event you do not observe any significant change in your weight or fat profile, you get your entire investment back, no questions asked.
  • It is entirely diet based with simple and easy to follow steps to lose weight.

Who Is It For?

Those who lack the time to hit the gym, have tried it all and failed will find Intermittent Feast an ideal starting point. Granted it doesn’t really talk in depth about exercise and workouts but what it does give is a bird’s eye view of these while concentrating more on what you eat and what you don’t using Sports fitness ideas and scientific research.

Basically, anyone with a strong desire to lose weight the healthy way will benefit the most out of Intermittent Feast.