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How To Stimulate The Clitoris

What defines a great lover is not dependent on how hard and fast he can do it, neither is it about penis size, and for most, it’s also not about knowing a plethora of complicated positions. What make a great lover for women, are men who know how to set the mood for romance, those who are very patient and sensitive in bed and most especially, those who know how to stimulate the clitoris properly.

There are many things to keep in mind when learning how to stimulate the clitoris. Here are a few tips: You do not have to be naked and to engage in hot and heavy petting. You can stoke the fires of sexual excitement with a little dry sex. Dry sex can be very sexy and stimulating especially if you have contact with her clitoris. Make sure you start off slow and gradually increase pay and pleasure depending on how she is reacting. If you intend to stimulate her with the palms of your hands, make sure it’s more of a stroke than a grabbing motion. Start with big motions and ease your way in in a circular motion going for a more concentrated focus to her clitoris. Her clitoris is located between her legs, keep that in mind; men make the mistake of rubbing her on her mons, which is the fleshy mound where the pubic hair starts; that area does not have enough nerves to feel pleasured.

But what would feel absolutely amazing is going down on her. Women love being eaten out firstly because it feels great and it established that connection with her partner, knowing that he appreciates her body and enjoys how she tastes.

Women loved to be teased more than men so it is a good idea to linger first on her outer lips and wait for her to push her pelvis towards her face letting you know that she is ready for you to go in deeper. Very important to maintain the stimulation as it can be very frustrating if you stop, it will lose all the moment you have built and you may have to start from the beginning. Be very patient in doing this as it takes a while for her to really get heated up, enjoy what you are doing and know that you are giving her so much pleasure. Stop thinking about YOUR satisfaction, if you lose track of what you are doing, you may end up rushing and frustrating her.

Learn how to stimulate the clitoris orally by reading a no-fail guide in Lick by Lick by Michael Webb. Michael Webb is a leading renowned sex and relationship expert. He will map out the complicated vulva for you and reveal the eight components of the vulva that one needs to stimulate in order to be the best in the sack. Know that there is more to the vulva than the clitoris and know that there is more to the clitoris than what meets the eye. Once you master this complicated and very satisfying art, you will release her from all her inhibitions and sex will not only be better for her, but for both of you.