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Female contraceptives easily induced cervical cancer

According to the latest published a cervical cancer causes the results show that women use oral contraceptives easily induced cervical cancer.

Uterine cervix is located at the bottom of the genital gland. Caused by cervical cancer occurred in one of the most common causes of human-herpes virus infection. The human herpes virus type is a sexually transmitted virus,

At present, all-invasive cervical cancer are found to have the virus. In developed countries, cervical cancer is usually through the general medical examination found.

As the general cervical cancer in its early to be able to check out and compare the treatment in a timely manner, so that the cancer cure rate is also higher.Despite this, cervical cancer is still the world’s cancer deaths in many countries one of the main culprits.

At present, countries around the world to prevent cervical cancer took place on the analysis of the main factors which will increase the incidence of cervical cancer opportunities. British scientists have done for 12,500 women in 28 clinical studies conducted an assessment to determine the use of oral contraceptives and cervical cancer caused by a certain between.

Assessment results showed that those who have never taken oral contraceptives for women compared to those who use oral contraceptives less than 5 years for women suffering from cervical cancer is 10%, while oral contraceptives have been in use for 5-9 years Women’s cervical cancer occur in 60%, if the use of oral contraceptives period is extended to more than 10 years, the incidence of cervical cancer may be as high as 120 percent.