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Dry Cough

Many people believe that nightly dry couching is only experienced by young children. This is a wrong belief because this disturbing and exhausting condition affects each and every one of us regardless of age and background. Most people who work in air- conditioned spaces are much likely to complain about their suffering from it. Sadly, there are a lot of people who take it for granted and are not aware of its implications. The causes, symptoms and treatments/remedies for it should be studied by everyone. There are various causes of couch, whether dry or not, in both adults and young children.

The condition is associated with many different causes. These include direct exposure to different forms of atmospheric pollutant, chronic history, inhalation of exhaust vehicle chemicals fumes and other matters, asbestosis, airborne infections, tracheitis, common colds, laryngitis, allergies, rapid changes in temperature due to a faulty air-conditioning, asthma, medicinal side effects, seasonal changes in weather, Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), intimate exposure to hairy pets, extremely low humidity, post nasal drip, chain smoking, viral infections and the like. It should be noted that the severity of condition partly depends on what has caused it.

In several cases, dry is the sign of an oncoming onset of sinus infections like common colds and flu. However, it should be noted that that is not always the case. Thus, it does not always lead to some forms of illness. Research states that it is one of the most common respiratory conditions that people all over the world experience. Since it does not choose whom to strike, medical experts have come up with a wide variety of medications to cure it and many reliable experiments have shown some natural and home remedies to be effective in treating this respiratory problem. The following are a number of home remedies you can try when couch hits you.

The irritation caused by dry cough can be lessened through a simple way like hot shower. Bathing under tolerably hot shower for ten to fifteen minutes can moisten your throat. Inhaling the steam it produces is beneficial. Another simple home remedy is gargling. Stir in warm water a little bit of salt then gargle for a number of required times. Nonetheless, you have to see to it that the water you will use for gargling is not too hot so that the inner lining of the throat will not be burnt, causing more serious soreness and inflammation.

One of the most effective natural treatments for dry cough is drinking plenty of water. Doing so will keep your throat dehydrated and thus, couching is significantly reduced. To make it even more effective, make sure that the water you drink is slightly warm. And as much as possible, you need to avoid drinking cold water as it can worsen your condition. Another good idea is to add some spoonful of honey into the drinking water for better results. Another household solution to cough is lozenges. Keep one inside your mouth and suck it once in a while to keep your throat lubricated and moistened.

You may also try an effective remedy- root of ginger. This homemade treatment can be used in two different ways. You may choose either to peel a small piece of ginger and keep it inside your mouth like lozenges or extract the natural juice of ginger and mix it with some lemon and honey. Drink spoonfuls of this mixture for as many times as necessary.

In the event that the suggested natural remedies mentioned above do not work well for your condition, it best to see and consult a doctor as early as possible.