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Coughing Up yellow mucus

One of the most important aspects of the breathing system is the mucus found in the nose, and while it is true that it plays an extremely important role as its thin and sticky surface is the perfect air filter, coughing up yellow mucus can be an annoying problem for many people. What makes keeping […]



Using Honey for Healthily Cooking

Honey contains natural antioxidants, so it has a positive benefit in boosting the body’s immune system. Eating honey is also helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. Honey is very versatile, and it is easy to digest. Incorporating sweet and healthful honey into a well balanced diet is not difficult to do. Depending on the country […]



Should All Enlarged Tonsils Be Removed in Children

What to Do with Enlarged Tonsils Tonsils and Adenoids are collection of lymphoid tissue that help body fight infections. They trap bacteria and viruses entering the throat and form protective antibodies against them. The tonsils are located on both sides at the back of throat. The adenoids are located higher and further back. where nasal […]



Prostate massage

Prostate – an organ in the body of a man who is responsible for the formation and excretion out of sperm. The prostate is a large number of ducts, because of what massage has a great curative effect. Some men feel a massage «shameful» procedure, but it is misleading – prostate massage is done for […]



The Macrobiotic Diet

The initial registered practice of “macrobiotics” was created in the writings of Hippocrates. The term “macrobiotics’ comes in the Greek; macro meaning “excellent” and bios meaning “life.” This is a lifestyle that proposes living by eating a diet that’s balanced and not complex. A Japanese man named George Ohsawa began the modern practice of have […]



What is Implantation Bleeding

This question is asked by many women who have had one or more pregnancies, most commonly by those who claim to have never experienced it during pregnancy. Many doctors advise that implantation bleeding is generally an exception and is usually an uncommon and unreliable positive indicator for pregnancies. Then again, it is also true that […]



Tonsil Stones Secret Home Remedies Review

Review of Remedies – How To Naturally Cure Tonsilloliths The book’s author – Anna Watson since seven years old was herself, herself endured from tonsilloliths. She spent seven years hunting searching for natural remedy for this sneaky health problem. The guide is a nicely written, comprehensively studied guide that’s easy to read that supplies easy […]



Finding a Diet that You Can Live With

A Lifelong Search for Long Term Weight Management I love my family, but often wish I had inherited some skinny folks genes. I have spent 50 something years being told what I pretty face I have. But never have the words been echoed about what a hot bod I have! I recently started to work […]



5 Common Chemical Food Additives You Should Avoid

It’s not really news that our food ingredient labels are riddled with words that require an advanced degree to understand. We typically bypass reading them because it’s easier. However, buried in those multi-syllabic nutrition labels are chemical additives that can have adverse effects on our health and how are bodies absorb nutrients. These chemical ingredients […]



The Benefits of Juicing — And How to Make the Best Shake

Revenue in the weight loss industry skyrockets this time of year. Why? Everyone is looking for a quick-fix to lose the stubborn five or 10 pounds they accumulated last year (hopefully not all during the holidays!). Quick fixes such as calorie cutting and fad diets never work — they’re simply not sustainable. The key to […]



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