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Effective Weight Loss Exercises The Ones That Work

Weight loss exercises are an integral part of any weight training regime. Just as there is no such thing as a magic pill that will make someone lose weight in an instant, there is also no such thing as an exercise that will make people lose weight instantly and effortlessly. However, when it comes to […]



Lovely Lemons – A Great Way to Start the Day

Here’s a great way to “get things moving downstairs” in the morning that won’t make you wiggy for the rest of the day like coffee will. It’ll wake up your digestive system before eating breakfast and get you ready for the day, so to speak. Most people who try it swear by it. Ready for […]



How Effective Is Phen375 for Weight Loss

Since 2009 this diet pill Phen375 has been a hit in the weight loss market; it is marketed as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. The idea is to not only stop overeating, but also aid in the fat loss by increasing your metabolism. Doing this will increase the energy you have in the day; […]



Bikram Yoga: Hot Yoga for Weight Loss

You have probably heard people talking about it in your workplace, in the subway, in the coffee shop. That it really works. That it made them lose weight. Yes, Bikram yoga is hot. It may seem everybody else has tried it but you. But before you dive in, it is important to be more informed. […]



Is Yoga or Running a Better Workout?

Have you found a good workout that tackles two or three of these goals? It is important to incorporate cardio and weights into your workout routine as a part of overall health. It gets so tiresome when people keep with this belief, that there is only one way to exercise. Especially when study tells us […]



Intermittent Feast – The Two Punch Combo To Fat Loss

Anyone who has added pounds like crazy understands just how difficult it is to shed them. It isn’t all about dieting, exercising and healthy living. Many actually eat less, are more active in their life and have absolutely no vices and yet they tend to gain weight quickly. So naturally, the usual techniques won’t work. […]