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Can Fibroids Cause Breakthrough Bleeding?

Basically, breakthrough bleeding connotes the bleeding or spotting that take place when the body is getting adjusted to hormonal dosages as a result of making use of contraceptives. Additionally, this kind of bleeding can take the place of menstrual bleeding that occurs by not following the usual time frame of ones menstrual period.

This pattern is strongly influenced by the type of birth control employed. During the various stages in the course of making use of birth control, one can experience such bleeding. Two of these stages are when trying to switch brands and at the commencement of the regime. Most times, however, such bleeding usually takes one or two cycles before ceasing on its own. Nevertheless, there is tendency it is heavy.

One group of women that are susceptible to this kind of bleeding is patients of fibroids. Their vulnerability can be traced to the following facts.

  • Fibroids give rise to additional growth of blood vessels thereby increasing the volume of blood flow around the area where the fibroids are.
  • Fibroids can cause blockage to the flow of blood depending on where they are situated. This blockage can facilitate the accumulation of blood behind these fibroids which when released seems very heavy.
  • Congestion in the uterine can lead to alterations in the flow of blood that serves the uterus.

Heavy bleeding with fibroids can result into progressive anemia alongside severe pain if the condition is left unattended to. There is yet to be a clear-cut step that can help manage such bleeding. Giving some different approaches some trials, usually in combination, has been a method employed with appreciable success.

To eliminate or get some relief from anemia, iron supplements should be taken as they have what it takes to help. Depending on the iron levels of your body, making use of prescription-strength supplements can be of great help. You can also add vitamins A C and E, together with Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid to the above medications .To reduce severe cramping and bleeding, and try lying down with legs raised together with using anti-inflammatory tablets like Ibuprofen.

Exercising can also help reduced cramping, If you make exercising regularly a habit, it will help stop heavy bleeding with fibroids by reducing congestion within the area. Always finish off your exercise on a lying position and getting your legs to touch your chest.

However, complete fibroids elimination is the best solution to the problem of breakthrough bleeding caused by fibroids. By taking this line of action, symptoms such as breakthrough bleeding, pain , discomfort and bloating will be gotten rid of.