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Beer and Running – A Perfect Combination?

While there’s a prevailing idea that runners don’t drink and drinkers don’t run, people all over the world are proving this theory wrong.

According to a recent article from The Globe and Mail, a group of Canadians regularly participate in what’s called a ‘beer mile’ — four laps around the track, each of which are started by chugging a brew (for the record, vomiting is strictly prohibited and punished with an extra lap.) Could this possibly be the best sport ever … ?

OK, maybe drinking while running isn’t as appealing to you — if so, there are a number of running clubs that hold drinking sessions after the run. The Hash House Harriers (known cleverly as a ‘drinking club with a running problem’) cover around 5km on their runs, and the route always finishes at a pub.

I think they’re onto something — studies have found that a cold one after a long run can be better at rehydrating you than water. But tread carefully — competitive behaviour is banned in this particular group, so you’ll have to find different running companions if you want to discuss marathon times.

Considering the somewhat surprising news that drinkers tend to work out more than teetotalers, I guess it’s not all that shocking to hear that serious runners like to enjoy a few after a good workout. All the same, moderation is key — running after enjoying a couple the night before is one thing; finding the energy for a jog after a 12-pint marathon session is quite another.