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Exercises for Lower Abdominal Pain as the Treatment

Exercises can be the best treatment for those who suffer from both lower left pain in abdomen. It is actually the recommended treatment by the doctors. You should know when it comes to lower abdominal pain, total bed rest is really not recommended. Being passive lying on the bed will not stimulate your spine. You have to do the daily activities gradually from the simple to the usual ones in order to train your spine, so that you will not experience this kind of pain anymore. Exercises are also called as physical therapy. Physical therapy is more effective than the chemical medications, especially if the lower back pain you have is caused by spinal conditions, fractures, muscular injury and pressure in the root of the nerve.

Physical therapy as exercises

For the treatment of lower pain on abdomen, you can use physical therapy as the general part of exercises. When you do the physical therapy, you will not only get the exercise for lower back pain as the stimulation, but also the ultrasound to really kill the pain, massage in the area where the pain is located, taking a warm bath in a whirlpool; as taking a warm bath is really known to be the right treatment since it can relax the muscle, the heating controlled system in the pain area and the exact exercises for lower back pain. Exercises include the high-motion activity.

If the pain you have is still painful and sting, you should do the simple exercises like walking. Plus, you can combine it with the ice pack application and heating controlled. You can take the aspirin as the pain killer too. If the pain is gradually reduced, you can have the other and more complicated exercises that will maintain your muscle of back, stomach and legs. Exercises for lower pain involves stretch exercises. You have to know that exercises for lower back pain will not instantly kill the pain. Nevertheless, surely it will help you to recover fast. It is because the exercise will train your muscle to be more active.

The exercise is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, you can do that right at your home. There is no need to visit the sport center or the gym to do the exercise for lower abdominal pain. The exercises for lower back pain that is highly recommended is cardio. Once you have managed to handle your pain, you can gradually increase the exercise. You should know that too little exercise will not give the expected result and too much exercise when the pain is still acute can harm your body. It is important to know the right portion of exercises.



Dry Cough

Many people believe that nightly dry couching is only experienced by young children. This is a wrong belief because this disturbing and exhausting condition affects each and every one of us regardless of age and background. Most people who work in air- conditioned spaces are much likely to complain about their suffering from it. Sadly, there are a lot of people who take it for granted and are not aware of its implications. The causes, symptoms and treatments/remedies for it should be studied by everyone. There are various causes of couch, whether dry or not, in both adults and young children.

The condition is associated with many different causes. These include direct exposure to different forms of atmospheric pollutant, chronic history, inhalation of exhaust vehicle chemicals fumes and other matters, asbestosis, airborne infections, tracheitis, common colds, laryngitis, allergies, rapid changes in temperature due to a faulty air-conditioning, asthma, medicinal side effects, seasonal changes in weather, Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), intimate exposure to hairy pets, extremely low humidity, post nasal drip, chain smoking, viral infections and the like. It should be noted that the severity of condition partly depends on what has caused it.

In several cases, dry is the sign of an oncoming onset of sinus infections like common colds and flu. However, it should be noted that that is not always the case. Thus, it does not always lead to some forms of illness. Research states that it is one of the most common respiratory conditions that people all over the world experience. Since it does not choose whom to strike, medical experts have come up with a wide variety of medications to cure it and many reliable experiments have shown some natural and home remedies to be effective in treating this respiratory problem. The following are a number of home remedies you can try when couch hits you.

The irritation caused by dry cough can be lessened through a simple way like hot shower. Bathing under tolerably hot shower for ten to fifteen minutes can moisten your throat. Inhaling the steam it produces is beneficial. Another simple home remedy is gargling. Stir in warm water a little bit of salt then gargle for a number of required times. Nonetheless, you have to see to it that the water you will use for gargling is not too hot so that the inner lining of the throat will not be burnt, causing more serious soreness and inflammation.

One of the most effective natural treatments for dry cough is drinking plenty of water. Doing so will keep your throat dehydrated and thus, couching is significantly reduced. To make it even more effective, make sure that the water you drink is slightly warm. And as much as possible, you need to avoid drinking cold water as it can worsen your condition. Another good idea is to add some spoonful of honey into the drinking water for better results. Another household solution to cough is lozenges. Keep one inside your mouth and suck it once in a while to keep your throat lubricated and moistened.

You may also try an effective remedy- root of ginger. This homemade treatment can be used in two different ways. You may choose either to peel a small piece of ginger and keep it inside your mouth like lozenges or extract the natural juice of ginger and mix it with some lemon and honey. Drink spoonfuls of this mixture for as many times as necessary.

In the event that the suggested natural remedies mentioned above do not work well for your condition, it best to see and consult a doctor as early as possible.



Coughing Up yellow mucus

One of the most important aspects of the breathing system is the mucus found in the nose, and while it is true that it plays an extremely important role as its thin and sticky surface is the perfect air filter, coughing up yellow mucus can be an annoying problem for many people. What makes keeping your mucus in a healthy state important is that without something to filter out all the impurities of the air you are breathing in, your body would be much more prone to various infections and illnesses. If you are finding yourself coughing up with the yellow phlegm and mucus, then it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at what causes it, how to fight it, and how to prevent that sort of thing in the future.

The Main Causes

In order for the mucus to remain in a healthy state air must be constantly circulating through the sinus cavities. If the contrary happens, then the mucus starts to pile up which creates the perfect home for bacterial developments. At first, your mucus is going to be transparent, after which you will start coughing up yellow phlegm… only after that does it become green. There are some people however who have experienced coughing up brown mucus before the green stage.

In any case, the main cause in most cases for the condition are viral infections, and more often than not they cause you to feel pain in your sinuses. In addition to the mucus you are also going to be coughing up phlegm, which is something the body uses in order to deal with the situation.

The second most common reason is some kind of throat infection, especially if it stems from an allergic reaction. In most cases, when a throat infection occurs it brings into the body a host of new bacteria, which in turn make their way to the mucus as the throat is directly connected to the nose. In some cases this can lead people to coughing up red mucus as tears in the throat region result in internal bleeding, which in turn often reaches the mucus.

The third most common cause are cold viruses. Regardless of whether you are struck by the regular cold or the flu, chances are that your body will not only be fighting off a viral infection but will also be dealing with an accumulation of mucus. Needless to say, such conditions represent the perfect opportunity for bacteria to set in your mucus, eventually turning it green.

There are various other conditions which may lead to having yellow mucus, including sinusitis, pneumonia, lung abscesses, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disorder, bronchitis and hay fever. The question which needs to be answered now is how to deal with this situation.

How To Stop

To start things off, if you are going to be fighting the yellow mucus it is of utmost importance that you first learn how not to make the problem worse. In this case, you need to carefully decide on what you eat and drink; for example, soft drinks, coffee and gray tea only make the problem bigger. You should instead drink plenty of water, but first make sure that it is at room temperature and not cold from the fridge. Ionized water works even better. You should also try to eat more fruits as well as take more vitamin C supplements to help your body fight off the infection faster.

Another important factor when fighting this condition is your stress. Various clinical studies have established a link between the amount of stress a person experiences and their propensity to contract the flu and the cold, demonstrating that stress does in fact weaken the immune system. If you want your immune system to be at a hundred percent while fighting the infection, you need to do everything you can to relax and let your body focus on the task at hand.

There are various over-the-counter medications which can allow you to get rid of yellow mucus, including Benadryl, Claritin and Zyrtec. Keep in mind however that these medications will only kill off the symptoms for a short while. Long-term results can be achieved by using natural herb-based remedies. They are a great choice as they are not only-time tested for their effectiveness, but also inexpensive to brew up.

Another popular and natural method is to do something called steam inhalation. Warm up some water until it is hot but not boiling, put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it, and then boil. Keep your face around twenty inches away from the source of the steam and inhale it. Try to keep the temperature of the steam at around 100F so it doesn’t burn the tiny hairs in your nose which contribute to filtering out impurities. The oil will act as a decongestant and after a few sessions you will be feeling much better.

Preventing yellow mucus from Taking Over Your Life Again

Once you have hopefully gotten rid of the mucus you should definitely look into ways to never awaken yourself with yellow mucus in the morning; after all, it is one of the most annoying things we can suffer through.

One of the things you can do include consuming a lot of Vitamin C from either supplements or citrus fruits as it tremendously helps when it comes to fighting swelling and the accumulation of thick mucus. In other words, doing this may not only save you from the mucus but also from getting colds in the future.

Eat vegetables in abundance as they are key to your body’s ability to naturally defend itself against all types of infections and as it was covered before, infections in most cases end up leading to yellow mucus. Make sure to consume fair amounts of celery, broccoli, onions, garlic and cauliflowers.

Finally, you should try and avoid chocolate and dairy foods as well as refined sugar; these products only serve to make your mucus thicker. Of course, you can indulge in them once in a while but try not to make a habit out of it, especially if you are prone to coughing.



Using Honey for Healthily Cooking

Honey contains natural antioxidants, so it has a positive benefit in boosting the body’s immune system. Eating honey is also helpful in maintaining a healthy heart. Honey is very versatile, and it is easy to digest. Incorporating sweet and healthful honey into a well balanced diet is not difficult to do.

Depending on the country of origin, and on the plants visited by the bees, honey can have a natural toffee taste, it can taste fruity, or it may have a hint of vanilla. Anyone who claims not to like the taste of honey may change their mind after trying some the many varieties available. Pure single source honey, or honey blended from multiple sources, can be used as a simple cooking ingredient, in many different and interesting ways.

Using Honey in Drinks

Honey is much more than just a substitute for sugar in tea and coffee, it can be part of a much more healthful diet when used to sweeten natural herbal infusions, fruit teas or green tea. These drinks can be enjoyed hot, or can be served chilled. Adding some fresh mint and pieces of fruit to honey-sweet iced tea will make it even more interesting and nutritious.

Pure fruit smoothies are usually sweet enough, but if you blend the fruit with milk or yoghurt, you may want to add a little honey as an extra sweetener. Honey can also be added to unsweetened soy milk for a nutritious drink.

A teaspoon of honey dissolved in boiling water is a good base for drinks taken as a natural health remedy, or for maintaining good health. Try lemon juice and honey, cinnamon and honey, or ginger and honey.

Using Honey in Desserts

Any stewed fruit recipe will be improved by using honey in place of sugar. Most sweet pie fillings and fruit sauces will also be good made with honey.

Runny honey can be used as a healthier substitute in recipes, to replace treacle, molasses, syrup or sugary solutions.

Home made honey ice cream, or natural cream blended with a little honey, can be served with almost any dessert.

Using Honey in Main Course Cooking

Honey glazes can be used not only on ham, but also on vegetables. Boiled carrots and roasted parsnips are the best vegetables for serving with a honey glaze.

Substitute a little honey for the sugar in sweet’n’sour recipes, and use honey to make apple sauce, or any other fruit-based sauces.

A simple honey and mustard salad dressing can be made by mixing a little wholegrain mustard with some honey, and blending this with some cider vinegar.

Honey for Breakfast

Honey is traditionally spread on toast, or on bread rolls, in the morning. It is also an ideal sweetener for all breakfast cereals, and is particularly good with cooked oatmeal.

You can create your own natural breakfast cereal with oats, dried or fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. Add some ice cold milk, or freshly boiled water, and sweeten it with honey.

Honey Anytime

Honey can be used to sweeten plain yogurt for an instant snack. You could snack on sandwiches filled with sliced or mashed banana and honey. Alternatively you could make a sandwich spread with chopped nuts and some honey, or just spread honey onto slices of bread and then sprinkle on some natural seed mix.



Should All Enlarged Tonsils Be Removed in Children

What to Do with Enlarged Tonsils

Tonsils and Adenoids are collection of lymphoid tissue that help body fight infections. They trap bacteria and viruses entering the throat and form protective antibodies against them. The tonsils are located on both sides at the back of throat. The adenoids are located higher and further back. where nasal passages connect with the throat. While both tonsils are visible through mouth, adenoids are not.

Many pre-school and even adolescents have large tonsils or adenoids but they need to be left alone as their is high likelihood of their regressing with age. They may get infected occasionally with bacterias but would return back to normal size once infection is over. One of the most common situation where the doctors often advise for their removal is in cases of “recurrent sore throat” or tonsil infection. But according to Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network(SIGN), only in following cases of sore throat, tonsillectomy is advised:

* 5 or more episodes of sore throat in a year
* symptoms as itchy throat have lasted for at least one year
* episodes of sore throat are “disabling and prevent normal functioning”.

Other conditions where doctors commonly advise for tonsillectomy are:

* obstructive sleep apnea
* Peri-tonsillar abscess unresponsive to medical management
* Persistent foul-smell or bad-breath due to chronic tonsillitis not responding to medical management
* Recurrent acute otitis media or chronic serous otitis media

Adenoidectomy for otitis media should not be performed in children under 2 years. Anyways, Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy do not appear to decrease the severity or frequency of colds or cough..

Both these surgeries are usually done on outpatient basis 3 weeks after infection has cleared. Surgical complications are few and rare though post-operative pain and swelling may last up to a week.



Prostate massage

Prostate – an organ in the body of a man who is responsible for the formation and excretion out of sperm. The prostate is a large number of ducts, because of what massage has a great curative effect. Some men feel a massage «shameful» procedure, but it is misleading – prostate massage is done for many years and when done correctly, always brings positive results.

In What Diseases Is Conducted Prostate Massage?
Prostate massage also known as prostate milking for the treatment carried out in chronic inflammation in the prostate (prostatitis), including chronic pelvic pain, which are a consequence of the disease. Called chronic prostatitis usually urinary tract infection, violations of proper innervation and blood supply of the prostate (as a result «sitting» lifestyle and frequent stress), etc.

In addition, therapeutic massage of the prostate is carried out in some forms of impotence.

Prostate massage done with diagnostic purpose for obtaining secretion of the prostate for the study.

What Is A Contraindication To Massage The Prostate?
Prostate massage is not shown in all patients. In some diseases, it is strictly contraindicated, since it may cause additional complications. Thus, prostate massage is contraindicated in:

With severe forms of prostatitis, when a man suddenly fell ill with high fever and other manifestations of intoxication – in this case, massage may be the cause of infection in the blood and lymphatic vessels;

– With tumors and cysts of the prostate gland;
– When clogged ducts of the prostate, including stones;
– For violations of urination.

What Happens When You Massage The Prostate?
When prostate massage restores normal tone of the muscular elements of the prostate and perineal muscles. In addition, the mechanical action on the prostate causes irritation of nerve endings and increase blood vessels in the breast tissue, which leads to improvement of its blood supply and innervations. Blood flow to the prostate gland tissue increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen and increases its penetration into the fabric of drugs. Massage helps release the juice and prostate with him – disease-causing microorganisms (activated and displayed as inactive forms of micro-organisms), and significantly increases the effectiveness of antibiotics and other drugs used in the treatment of prostatitis.

Prostate Massage Techniques
Prostate massage can be performed only by a physician, urologist, or he can bring no good but harm. If done correctly, massage it will not replace any medication.

Situation of the patient during massage – face to the doctor on the right side with the above to his stomach and bent at the knees and hip joints of the feet. May also be Bozeman’s position. Massage is performed with a full bladder, which contributes to a better contact between the finger and massage the prostate gland.

The doctor inserts into the rectum forefinger of his right hand, which is wearing a rubber glove, a finger is applied anesthetic gel. Every part of the prostate massage alone, producing 8.10 sensitive and delicate strokes of the shares in each direction from the periphery to the center of the gland. After the massage is made of the right half of the prostate, go to the left. In the end several times produces a gentle middle gland. Pressing down respectively interlobar groove in order to squeeze out the contents of the prostate. Usually, after that of the external part of the urethra starts to separate prostatic secret (which is necessary to collect the analysis). Massage is carried out before emptying the bladder, which allows you to remove during urination infected secretions from the urethra.

When the massage should ensure that the procedure was painless. When soft prostate exercise slack pressing, with a dense due to the pressure increase. Length of one session of massage of the prostate should not exceed one minute. Sessions are held in 1-2 days (8-10 treatments).

Secreted in the juice prostatic massage should be investigated. When done correctly massage it with every subsequent sessions should decrease the number of leukocytes.

Complications During Prostate Massage
Complications occur only when the undercount contraindications and consist in the exacerbation of diseases of the prostate. In addition, the gross pathological effects may be acute urinary retention due to swelling of the prostate tissue, but it is usually of short duration.

Remember: you can not do prostate massage itself, and trust his execution layman – the consequences can be very sad.



The Macrobiotic Diet

The initial registered practice of “macrobiotics” was created in the writings of Hippocrates. The term “macrobiotics’ comes in the Greek; macro meaning “excellent” and bios meaning “life.” This is a lifestyle that proposes living by eating a diet that’s balanced and not complex.

A Japanese man named George Ohsawa began the modern practice of have a macrobiotic diet plan within the late 1920’s. He created the diet to include traditional Asian medicine with Western medicine’s theories. He instructed that healing was possible through natural medicine and a proper diet. He’s said to have healed himself of a life-threatening illness just by altering his diet to one which contains sea vegetables, and brown rice, miso soup. Ohsawa dedicated to the opposing forces of Yang and Yin regarding living a life that’s balanced spiritually and physically. Ohsawa proposed that there must be equilibrium between Yang and Yin to attain good health. Macrobiotics, consequently, concentrates on reaching physical balance and well being that is religious.

Foods in the macrobiotic diet are formed into Yang and Yin categories. Categorization relies upon the way in which the food grows, where the flavor of the food grows, and the effects the food is wearing your body. Both most important food groups are vegetables and grains; they’ve minimal prominent Yin and Yang traits. Foods which are either extremely Yang or Yin are avoided.

The macrobiotic diet is just a low fat, high fiber diet that’s mostly vegetarian. Fifty percent of it includes organic whole grain cereals; another forty percentage, organic beans and bean products, natural nuts and seeds, natural sea veggies and land veggies, and fruits that are organic, in limited amounts. The primary problem using the Common American diet is that there’s no understanding of the balance which is essential to preserve good health. The American diet is generally to one extreme when reconciliation does take place in it. Either there’s not enough of another food or too much of one food. These extremes might have negative effects to the body emotionally and physically.

All-Natural Whole Grains and Whole-Grain Items: These are “stay” meals with active enzymes. Whole grains are full of nutrients, vitamins, and carbohydrates that are complex. Whole grains contain barley, brown rice, millet, oatmeal, rye, whole grain, corn, and buckwheat.

Organic Beans and Bean Items: More carbohydrates are needed by the body than it does proteins. It is because carbohydrates are employed for daily activities and protein can be used for care. Consumption of proteins and carbohydrates varies from individual to individual based on a person’s age, health status, environment, and the amount of activity one participates in. Food advocated in this class comprise chickpeas, and adzuki beans, lentils, tofu (garbanzo beans).

Organic Nuts and Seeds: Seeds and nuts are an excellent source of fat and protein. They’re simple to keep once they’ve not been shelled.

All-Natural Sea Veggies and Land Veggies: These meals are full of supplements, fiber, nutrients, and trace elements. Trace help build strong bones and muscles, the body cleanse and rejuvenate, and nourish your skin. Vegetables which are advocated contain broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, bok choy, collards, turnip greens, onion, acorn squash, leaf mustard, butternut squash, pumpkin, wakame, kombu, and nori.

The elements of a diet that is complete contain protein, grains, sea veggies, pickles, and vegetables which can be uncooked or cooked. Guidelines to be used must be individualized constructed on variables including sex, age, activity level, health needs, environment, and period; foods that close to the extremes must be applied in temperance. It is necessary to select foods which are of high quality, when selecting foods with this type of diet. Remember, you would like to get nutrients to the out of the foods you select to eat.



What is Implantation Bleeding

This question is asked by many women who have had one or more pregnancies, most commonly by those who claim to have never experienced it during pregnancy. Many doctors advise that implantation bleeding is generally an exception and is usually an uncommon and unreliable positive indicator for pregnancies.

Then again, it is also true that the amount of blood discharged during implantation sometimes with cramping can be so little that it is hardly noticeable. Many women mistake mistake it for some random bleeding or discharge or staining and therefore, they overlook it. The probability of this occurring is augmented more by the fact that the color of the discharge varies from pink to brown, where the former can be mistaken for vaginal discharge, and the latter for frictional or anal staining. Furthermore, many women (approximately 20 to 30%) experience gradual spotting throughout their pregnancy, thus implantation bleeding may not be distinguishable. Sometimes, some cases have reported that they have misinterpreted the presence of implantation bleeding, to be a result of stress. Thus, the question whether implantation bleeding is good positive indicator for pregnancy remains a topic for debate according to the alternate probabilities and the claims of people.

What is Implantation bleeding, is basically the small amount of bleeding that occurs when an egg is implanted on the wall of the uterus, otherwise known as the endometrial lining. Many women claim that the implantation can actually be felt, in addition to the bleeding, but others contradict the validity of the statement. The period of bleeding can be measured to be around about a week from the day of ovulation. The egg will be fertilized by then and can be called a zygote, which then multiplies in its cellular form to form the blastocyst, which is what embeds itself into the endometrial lining. The embryo then tunnels into the wall of the uterus so as to connect to the circulatory system of the mother. These two processes cause rupture of some blood capillaries which cause the bleeding.

The implantation bleeding occurs approximately five days after the ovum has been fertilized with the sperm. The fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube, from where the zygote travels to the uterus. The amount of blood that is shed is also so little that it takes a considerable amount of time to travel out of the vaginal opening, all this takes about 5 days. If one wants to await the implantation bleeding, a simple undergarment liner will be all that is needed if a woman wants to equip herself.

Now that the question what is implantation bleeding is truly explored, it is important to recognize that this can be a strong indicator for pregnancies if it can be distinguished from all other types of bleeding and discharges. These implantation bleedings are followed by nausea, extreme hunger, appetite loss, constipation, fever, higher than normal body temperature, fatigue, tenderness around the nipples of the breast and abdominal cramps. If a woman experiences all or most of these symptoms, the bleeding can be taken as a positive indication of pregnancy.



Pain Between Shoulder Blades – Looking for a solution

I started to search online for help on my situation I just did not know what to anymore, everything I tried didn’t seem to work and I just had to get my life back on track. I was determined to put this to an end. Desperation is a good word for it. I was desperate to find a solution that was going to end the shoulder blade pain and everything else back pain related that was an obstacle.

Medication didn’t seem to work for me, I tried a lot of painkillers etc etc. I tried Chiropraxy which turned out to do more harm and cause more pain than any good.

It didn’t take me long to find more people suffering from pain between shoulder blades. Some people recommended me to take a look at this product at first I was skeptical, of course I had tried so many things in order to get rid of my pain between shoulder blades that I wasn’t so sure if this was really going to help me out. They claimed it really helped them, at this time I was really desperate so I thought why not give it a shot.

This is a guide written by Roy Palmer a man who has been effectively treating back problems for over 12 years.

He explains where the pain between shoulder blades comes from and how to actually treat it yourself. He explained me that the medication and everything else I took and underwent only treated the symptoms. Not actually dealing with the REAL cause of the pain.

I was baffled I did not expect this at all, his method for reconditioning your body does not need any expensive equipment or treatments. They are just some simple exercises that can be done in a mere seven seconds. The more often you apply these techniques the faster you will notice the results.

I started doing my exercises daily and within two days my condition significantly improved. It was the first time in years I actually had a good night’s sleep again. This was amazing. It motivated me to go on with this program.

Although Roy claims you can be pain free within 2 weeks , I continued to do exercises for a month just to make sure I was relieved from every bit of pain I ever had. After 2 weeks I was able to resume the things that I thought were history. I picked up my sporting activities again actually able to give it my all without pain holding me back. I could endure long days at the office once again. My youth came back to me I felt like I was reborn full of energy, something which I did not have anymore. My life was finally getting back on track, my relationship got even better. I could go shopping again not having to embarrass myself again for not being able to lift heavy bags.



Blisters on Feet – How can they be avoided and cured?

Foot blood blisters are very painful and can be difficult to keep them from developing. Wearing shoes that fit properly is one of the many ways of avoiding foot blisters. Blisters on feet are caused by friction and heat produced whenever the skin of the foot comes in contact with the shoe or sock, therefore, it is important to reduce this friction and heat in order avoid the formation of these blisters.

One way of reducing the friction between the feet and the shoes is to cover the feet with a lubricant. The lubricant is going to decrease the amount of contact between the shoe and the foot and ultimately reduce the friction produced. Another way of reducing the frictional heat is to cover the sensitive areas of the feet like the toes and ankles with moleskin. Moleskin will keep the skin of these sensitive areas dry, thus reducing the chances of a blister being formed there.

The above mentioned preventive measures do not guarantee that you will never have a blood blister. If a person ends up having a blister despite the precautions then they could try to keep it covered by a tape to prevent it from bursting. If the blister bursts then there are chances that the exposed skin can get infected which can complicate things. Also you can find home remedies for blood blister. Thus, by covering the foot blister with a tape you can avoid the blisters on feet from getting infected.

If blisters on feet are kept from bursting and are allowed to heal naturally then they will heal in approximately 3-4 days. However, some blisters can take more time to heal than others. Such blisters require medical treatment for which you will have to consult a podiatrist. He will guide you about the medications you should have to take and will advise you on whether you should have surgery or not.



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